imc STUDIO 軟體下載

imc STUDIO 5.0R1 2015-02-08 version currently delivered with new orders as of 2015-02-23.



Jetzt imc STUDIO 5.0 als 30-Tage Vollversion testen.

imc STUDIO 5.0


imc STUDIO 5.0R1 2015-02-08 (2.8 GB)

The Update from imc STUDIO 4.0 to imc STUDIO 5.0 is not free.

Older version:

imc STUDIO 5.0R1 2014-09-15 AddOn 2015-01-30 (2.8 GB)

  • Readme (2015-01-30)
    This txt-file list the included firmware versions e.g. imc DEVICES 2.8R5 SP8 Build 2014-09-18.

imc STUDIO 5.0R1 2014-05-15 AddOn 2014-09-03 (2.8 GB)

imc STUDIO 4.0


imc STUDIO 4.0R1 2013-07-30 AddOn 2014-10-09 (3.1 GB)

The Update from imc STUDIO 3.0 to imc STUDIO 4.0 is not free.

Older versions:

imc STUDIO 4.0R1 2013-05-07 AddOn 2013-06-27 (2.9 GB)

imc STUDIO 3.0


imc STUDIO 3.0R4 2013-01-14 AddOn 2013-03-06 (1.7 GB)


imc STUDIO Monitor 3.0R4 2013-01-14 (26 MB)



Safety certificate imcCert.cpt for imc REMOTE SecureAccess

The imc REMOTE SecureAccess allows direct and secure access to a device, even with activated Firewall. Only imc devices having serial numbers 14000 and higher are supported, for which the associated activation code has been provided.

For transfer via a secure https-access, the "imcCert.cpt" certificate is necessary.

For the activation, please go to

Setup -> Configuration -> Device properties

into the Device configuration. Under Access protection (right column), you can navigate to the certificate. Please select the certificate "imcCert.cpt", which you have downloaded before and saved under the installation path under Firmware\Idif\, e.g. "C:\Program Files (x86)\imc\imc_DEVICES_2.8R3\Firmware\Idif".

This certificate is valid until 08.03.2017 and must be replaced upon expiration.


Repair Tool

  • Please copy the Repair.exe and the dirrepair.exe in the corresponding archive with the defect files and then run the dirrepair.bat in a DOS-window. After that it should be possible to open the files.